Sarah Palin Goes ‘Lamestream’-ing

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Can I say something crazy?

I don’t think Sarah Palin went to Haiti to boost her foreign-policy creds. I think she went there to highlight charitable work being done there. People talk about what Sarah Palin does and I can’t imagine that there weren’t people watching Greta’s coverage last night who weren’t moved. Sarah Palin knows that. I’m glad she went and hope that contributions to the likes of Samaritan’s Purse and Catholic Relief Services on the ground there increased as a result. I suspect that might have been the main motivation. 

And I don’t think there’s necessarily a broader strategy involved as she does some ABC. She’s got a book out, a good one, which highlights some good things. She knows that. She’d like to sell some more copies. I can’t imagine Good Morning America is an entirely hostile audience. And so there she is.  

But, sorry, MSNBCers, I think you’re out of luck. 

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