Newt Is a ‘Yes’

by Rich Lowry

A Gingrich statement via e-mail on whether he’d vote for the tax deal: “Yes, it is the best deal that could be expected from a Democrat-controlled lame-duck Congress. Take the deal so that income taxes do not rise thus avoiding further economic damage. The new Congress with a Republican-controlled House can come back in January to enact a job-creating prosperity agenda the Democrats rejected.”

The chart again as it stands:

Q. If given the opportunity to vote “yes” or “no” on the Obama-McConnell tax deal as it currently stands (i.e., no further revisions), how would you vote?
  Yes No Don’t Know
John Bolton     X    
Mitch Daniels         
Newt Gingrich    X
Mike Huckabee         
Gary Johnson         
Sarah Palin         
Tim Pawlenty    X
Mike Pence      X
Mitt Romney      X
Rick Santorum         
John Thune    X

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