Unions Recruit Jailed Legislator to Their Cause

by Brian Bolduc

Christian Schneider, a senior fellow at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, writes of today’s strange happenings in the Badger state:

The state public employee unions are trying to ram through their contracts before the new Governor and Legislature take over in January.  This is an unprecedented move – generally, they’re taken up months from now – but they know if they can get them through before the whole state government flips to red, they can get about $154 million in benefits Gov.-Elect Walker had promised to cut.

The vote is expected to be close, and the unions need every vote.  So they go pick up a disgraced legislator named Jeff Wood, who is SITTING IN PRISON and drive him down to the Capitol.  Wood is in jail on three separate OWI arrests within the span of a year, and lost his seat in the last election.  So the fiscal fate of the state rests in the hands of a lame duck legislator who gets a day off from jail to vote the unions better benefits.

You can read more from Chris here.

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