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by Brian Bolduc

Andrew C. McCarthy challenges transnationalists over New START.

Victor Davis Hanson defends the liberal arts from its opponents, Left and Right.

Matt Shaffer warns of FCC commissioner Michael Copps’s attempt to regulate the air waves.

Robert Costa profiles Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the presumed majority whip.

The editors dub the $1 trillion omnibus bill “one last disgrace.”

Michael Barone eulogizes the Honorable Richard Holbrooke.

Katrina Trinko says no to debit-card-fee price fixing.

Duncan Currie suggests a Value Added Tax to reform our tax system.

Clifford D. May gives the true story of Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame.

Jay Nordlinger picks rumored presidential hopeful Gary Johnson’s brain in today’s Impromptus.

Conrad Black argues the Catholic Church has survived a year of troubles.

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