Foster: On Tax Deal, ‘Ideological Extremism’ Remains a Challenge

by Robert Costa

Defeated Rep. Bill Foster (D., Ill.), in an interview outside the speaker’s office, tells NRO that the tax deal continues to face hurdles from “ideological extremism” in the House Democratic caucus.

“If it does get to a floor vote [without amendments], I think it’s going to make it,” Foster says. Still, he adds, “it’s very dependent on the sort of ideological extremism, one side or the other, in the caucus.”

Foster points out, as I write on the home page, that moderate and Blue Dog Democrats will thus play a key role in final-hour deliberations as progressives and various conservative Republicans align against the bill. He calls the letter sent by 31 Blue Dogs to Speaker Pelosi, in support of passing the deal as is, a “tactical” maneuver by centrists.

“There is real risk and a real worry that any amendment will go back to the Senate, blow up, and the fingers will be pointed at the House,” Foster explains. “That is a legitimate tactical worry.”

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