Wagner’s Budding Coalition

by Brian Bolduc

Donna Gosney, the Republican national committeewoman for West Virginia, thinks the committee’s southern members are coalescing behind Ann Wagner for chair. Gosney has yet to endorse a candidate; she leans toward Wagner but also likes Maria Cino.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people on the committee that I have a lot of respect for: John Ryder in Tennessee, Bill Crocker in Texas,” Gosney tells NRO. “The southern region is pretty tight-knit; we stay in touch and talk. And we’re a pretty conservative group. I get the feeling that they’re pretty comfortable with Ann.”

Wagner’s budding coalition contrasts with Chairman Michael Steele’s base of support, which consists of smaller, bluer states, such as Connecticut. Still, Reince Priebus currently leads among Steele’s challengers in the endorsement count.

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