Gibbs Tackles ‘Fourth-Quarter Analogy’

by Robert Costa

Washington – At the White House press briefing this afternoon, Robert Gibbs brushed back concerns that the administration is trying to jam through its agenda in the waning days of the lame-duck session. To make his point, he reached for a fresh pigskin reference.

“‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is an issue that’s been argued for 17 years,” Gibbs said in reply to a question about the “crammed” week of legislating. “Maybe you’re an Eagles fan and there’s a different fourth-quarter analogy.”

“(Obama) is focused on getting our remaining priorities finished before the end of this session,” Gibbs explained. “I (don’t) understand the fourth-quarter analogy that (the reporter) was making . . . I think when you do your two-year retrospectives, you’ll see that we got a lot done prior to the end of this session.”

Still, “I think we’re very proud of what we accomplished in the last two or three weeks,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs ended the riff by noting that he is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, not of the Philadelphia Eagles, who stunned the New York Giants on Sunday via a late fourth-quarter punt return.

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