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Specter’s Graceless Exit


The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney notes just how mean-spirited Sen. Arlen Specter’s (D., Pa.) farewell speech delivered today was:

He [Specter] attacked the “activist” Supreme Court for infringing on Congressional prerogative — this is the man who killed Robert Bork’s nomination out of fear Bork would overturn Roe v. Wade. It’s hard to think of a decision in the last 50 years that was more “activist” and trampled more on legislative prerogative, but Specter has called Roe ”inviolate.”

Speaking of Bork, this was where Specter showed his petty meanness. He gratuitously brought up Bork in his speech, saying, “Justice Bork — excuse me … Judge Bork.”

Specter, who switched parties to avoid a likely primary challenge from now Senator-elect Pat Toomey, also had harsh words for any would-be primary challengers: “Eating or defeating your own is a form of sophisticated cannibalism.”