Collins Picks Up Supporter

by Brian Bolduc

Politico’s Alex Burns reports:

OPPOSITION LEADER: Collins announced up his third public endorsement in the RNC race overnight, winning former Raleigh Mayor-turned-North Carolina GOP Chairman Tom Fetzer’s support. Fetzer, who called for Steele to resign last April, touted Collins’s spectacular, whistle-blowing departure from the RNC staff in his endorsement message: “Gentry Collins, having been given unprecedented authority as National Political Director, was the first person to level with the committee about the fiscal crisis we face. Some criticized him, but he stood up and told the truth.” That was the Collins camp’s second hard shot at Steele’s leadership in 24 hours, after the Iowa-born operative issued a statement Tuesday calling on the chairman to apologize for referring to one RNC member as an “idiot”: “When the Chairman engages in name-calling of members of his own committee, he diminishes the RNC, the office of Chairman, and himself.”

Speaking of Collins:

POPPING AT THE RNC – COLLINS, FOCUSED: Former Republican National Committee political director Gentry Collins, seeking to pick up momentum in the race for RNC chairman, is keeping his guns trained on incumbent Chairman Michael Steele’s financial management. On a conference call with RNC members last night, Collins rolled out a detailed plan for reviving the committee’s finances, warning that the RNC has suffered from a “lack of confidence among major donors and leading Republican figures in the current RNC administration” and urging members to ensure that the GOP’s 2012 “presidential campaign has confidence in the new chairman.” Among the key points in Collins’s plan: “Re-engage major raisers who have lost confidence in our ability to execute as the leading political organization in America … The Chairman must complete $500,000 in asks every deposit day of the 2012 cycle, on average … Develop new generation of major donors.” See the full, slide-by-slide presentation here:

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