Yue Organizes Effort to Oust Steele

by Brian Bolduc

Solomon Yue, the Republican national committeeman from Oregon, tells National Review Online he’s leading an effort to ensure the RNC elects a new chairman on January 15.

“The bottom line is one of the five challengers will be the new chairman,” Yue says.

Working in tandem with about a dozen other members, Yue is calling colleagues and asking them not to cut deals with Steele if their preferred candidates lose. Yue sent a letter to the RNC outlining his proposal yesterday and has already secured agreement among the five challengers not to endorse Steele if they lose.

“We offer two kinds of commitments [to members]” Yue says. “They can tell me they support this concept publicly or they can tell me they support this effort privately — either way will facilitate my effort, because I’m [focused on] where the votes are going to migrate when the chairman’s opponents drop out.” Because of Yue’s promises of confidentiality, he declines to tell NRO how many members have signed on to the proposal. In addition, he says he will not endorse a candidate publicly to maintain fairness. “It’s a credibility issue,” Yue explains. “I don’t want any of the supporters to think I’m doing it to benefit one of the five opponents.”

Yue got the idea after reading Steele’s recent interview in the New York Times, which revealed Steele didn’t have the votes to win a first-ballot victory. Yue worried that Steele “would become a default candidate” and realized “we could stop the migration toward him.” Now, he’s putting his plan into action.

And he is confident he will succeed.

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