Poll: Opposition to Individual Mandate at All-Time High

by Daniel Foster

A new CNN poll shows opposition to the ACA/Obamacare still outpacing support, with 43 percent in favor an 54 percent opposed.

It should be noted that the favorability gap is shrinking in each of the poll’s three iterations since March of this year. But what is more interesting is that, while support for the bans on dropping or denying coverage when an individual is sick remains fairly constant, opposition to the individual mandate has reached an all-time high. Opinion on the mandate was evenly split, 49/49, in November of 2009. By February of 2010, 53 percent opposed the mandate while 45 percent supported it. In August the gap grew, 56/44 percent; as of December, as challenges wind their way through the courts, the split stands at a whopping 60/38.

And of course the mandate, ostensibly, keeps risk pools large enough to absorb the ill without massive increases in premiums spread across the rest of the population. Without it, the other protections in Obamacare come at even greater cost.

More results here.

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