Food for Thought

by Jack Fowler

Commenting on yesterday’s NRO editorial about first lunch lady Michelle Obama, Corner fan John, a local teacher, e-mails “A sample menu item for NYC public schools in January: ‘Mediterranean Roasted Chicken, Whole Grain Rotini with Fresh Herbs, Ellie Krieger’s Tri-Color Salad.’ If you saw these meals close up, you’d agree that the menu writer should be our poet laureate.”

Thanks, John. (Now, if we could only teach these kids to find the Mediterranean on a map.) Meanwhile, sorta coincidentally, I was leafing through The New Yorker and came across a long and pretentious article (imagine that!) titled “Sweet Revolution,” which glorifies pastry chefs. The print version includes a photo of something that looks like it’s waiting to be scraped off a plate. But obviously one man’s refuse is another man’s dessert. Here’s the caption: “From Ferran Adrià’s elBulli, a yogurt-and-Jamaica-pepper foam with beet reduction, muscovado-sugar gelatin, and stevia flower; blood-orange-and-beet sponge cake” (go on: Say it using your Thurston Howell III voice). Sounds like a punishment (“Junior, eat your yogurt-and-Jamaica-pepper etc., or no TV tonight!”) — and like something FLOTUS would serve to cap a White House tofu-turkey dinner.

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