Book Recommendation for Anyone Curious about Catholicism

by Michael Potemra


Kudos to Ignatius Press for reissuing, in a revised and expanded version, a likable and well-written work of Catholic apologetics by Father Dwight Longenecker. The organizing premise of his work, More Christianity: Finding the Fullness of the Faith, is that in Catholicism is found the complete fruition of the truth present in what C. S. Lewis called “mere Christianity.” In my experience, apologetics generally — whether of the Protestant, Catholic, or other variety — is long on hectoring, bullying, and the devising of false choices, and significantly short on persuasiveness. In other words, they don’t make C. S. Lewises by the dozen: So it’s refreshing to read a book that has something of Lewis’s spirit. Longenecker’s work is distinctive in two ways: 1) Having been both a fundamentalist at Bob Jones University and an Anglican priest before becoming Catholic, he has had an exceptionally broad experience of the diversity of the Christian faith; and yet 2) he has none of the distaste for his former religious homes that mars the work of too many converts. His lovingly observed recounting of his own experiences in non-Catholic Christianity makes the reader believe the sincerity of his contention that he has found in Catholicism the fulfillment, not the contradiction, of those earlier beliefs. Strongly recommended, for anyone exploring Catholicism.

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