Californian Activist Warns RNC to Choose Wisely

by Brian Bolduc

If Michael Steele or Reince Priebus wins the chairmanship of the Republican party, activists will punish the committee people who voted for them, an e-mail obtained by National Review Online warns. In the e-mail, Ron Robinson, a member of the Los Angeles Republican Central Committee, slams Priebus for his law firm’s work in behalf of recipients of stimulus funds. With 28 publicly declared supporters, Priebus is the current front runner in the race. Now hold on, says Robinson:

The new chairman must have the confidence of tea party activists but also have a proven record of raising funds and running an effective political operation. . . .

None of the current leadership meet all of those criteria.  In fact, the atmosphere that led to the rift is so noxious that a clean sweep of the leadership team is the only way to repair the damage to the Party.  Tea party voters must not be further tempted to form their own party.

Even more intriguing, however, is Robinson’s cry for help:

I am part of a national network (VRWC) of activists, writers, and researchers (composed of both beltway insiders and outsiders) who are working hard to ensure that all candidates for RNC Chair are examined thoroughly. . . . If you have, or can request an email list of your state GOP delegates (those who choose most RNC members) please share the list with us so we can openly and widely encourage a choice, not a stampede. . . .

The state delegates who choose the RNC members, as well as the RNC members themselves, need to know that we are watching closely and will remember.

Chairmen aren’t the only game in season. Committee people are too.

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