Boehner’s First Statement of the Year

by Robert Costa

The House Speaker-designate just issued his first statement of the new year. The topic: cutting spending. Boehner praises Rep. Greg Walden’s announcement that the House’s internal budget will “immediately save taxpayers $35 million” by slashing operational costs by five percent.

Boehner’s take:

In the Pledge to America, Republicans made a clear commitment to cut Congress’s budget, and in our first full day on the job, we will do just that.  To reverse Washington’s job-killing spending binge, sacrifices will be required throughout the federal government, and we are starting with ourselves.  After taking this step, we will turn our attention to the rest of the federal budget, and the policies that are making it harder for small businesses to get people working again, including the job-killing health care law.

More fundamentally, cutting the cost of Congress is part of bringing to the people’s House the humility and modesty our constituents are expecting from us.  Delivering additional savings for taxpayers will, of course, require sustained vigilance on the part of all lawmakers and House officers.  By recommending cuts that will immediately save taxpayers $35 million, Greg Walden and the members of the transition team have gotten us off on the right foot.

Boehner previewed these cuts in December on 60 Minutes. “We should start with ourselves,” Boehner said. “How about we start with cutting Congress?”

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