Boehner: ‘There Is Nothing Political about It’

by Robert Costa

House Speaker John Boehner spoke with NRO before he opened today’s session. Reflecting on the tragedy in Tucson, he told us that regardless of the chatter, “there is nothing political about it.”

Dealing with this incident, Boehner said, has not been a struggle, even though he is just settling into the speaker’s chair. “I think I was prepared for it,” he said, complimenting his staff.

The speaker also noted that the House has remained resilient and united in spirit. “The public usually sees us having debates over policy issues,” he said. “But one thing most people in the public don’t see is that members across the aisles have very strong relationships. Across the body as a whole, there is a great deal of camaraderie.”

Boehner added that he has not reviewed any of the gun-control bills being proposed by members of the New York delegation. With regard to congressional security, he is following the advice of Capitol police and the Sergeant at Arms.

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