The ‘Original George W.,’ Boxed In and Boxed Out

by Jay Nordlinger


Making the rounds today are photos from the MLK Day rally in Columbia, S.C. The rally took place at the statehouse, which has a statue of George Washington. And the organizers of the rally hid the statue from view, building a box around it. Apparently, they thought that the sight of Washington was offensive, or would give ralliers offense.

I was reminded of a nutty period in 2002, when liberals pretended that attorney general John Ashcroft was prudishly covering up a nude statue in the Great Hall of Justice. Maureen Dowd, in her singular style, wrote that Ashcroft had forced upon the statue a “blue burqa.” (For those interested in this ancient history, I wrote an article that dealt with the matter, here.)

Ashcroft did not drape the Spirit of Justice in a burqa, much as liberals might have hoped he had. I suspect it is a legend they will always cling to, a fiction that is part of their catechism. But Washington in that box — that is apparently real, and somewhat amazing.

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