Ask Not

by John J. Miller

Conservative movieman John Nolte says Oliver Stone’s JFK is the best left-wing movie ever made:

Oliver Stone’s “JFK,” which lays the assassination of an American president at the feet of the American military, military contractors, the CIA, a group of anti-Castro homosexuals, the political Right, Lyndon Johnson — everyone except Oswald — is all about controlling the narrative. … As someone who has tried and mostly failed at making films and writing screenplays, to witness a master director working at a level few will ever reach and in the process perfectly harness his wild ambition and tame it into something hypnotically spellbinding, lucid and coherent, is a once in a generation occurrence. “JFK” is not only the best film of the 1990s, it is the single most impressive piece of conspiracy storytelling I have ever seen.

Here’s Nolte’s top-25 list of left-wing movies. (And here’s NR’s list of the 25 best conservative movies of the last 25 years.)

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