Mummy on the Move?

by Andrew Stuttaford

The poll’s methodology is suspect, but who’s complaining?

Via the Daily Telegraph:

Two-thirds of Russians want Vladimir Lenin to be removed from his Red Square mausoleum in central Moscow, a new poll has shown. The poll, organised by Vladimir Putin’s ruling United Russia party, comes after a senior figure in the party sparked a lively debate on the issue, saying the time had come to respect Lenin’s last wishes and bury him in St Petersburg alongside his mother.

“Lenin was an extremely controversial political figure and his presence as the main figure in a necropolis in the heart of our country is absurd,” Anatoly Medinsky, an MP and member of the party’s governing committee, said.

Only 10 per cent of Lenin’s corpse remained, he said, alleging that the rest had been “ripped out and replaced a long time ago”. The body’s presence in a purpose-built mausoleum on Red Square had turned the country’s central square into a cemetery and was “blasphemous”, Mr Medinsky added. Lenin’s waxy corpse remains a popular tourist attraction and is regularly treated with a special cocktail of chemicals to stop it from degrading. But with a parliamentary election looming later this year and a presidential poll next year, analysts believe that the ruling United Russia party may be considering closing the Red Square mausoleum in order to show the world it is serious about modernising the country.

Consecrated ground is, of course, too good for what’s left of the old monster (his brain is, of course, already elsewhere). It would be far better to follow the precedent set with the disposal of the remains of some of the principal Nazis. An unmarked grave, scattered ashes, take your pick; anything will do just so long as there is no site to venerate.

I’m not holding my breath.

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