Get a Government Job, Chinese Style (cont.)

by John Derbyshire

NRO has threatened to withdraw my grotto privileges if I send in any more posts with imbedded Chinese characters, but I’m going to try for one more, since readers have asked. And hey, it’s almost Lunar New Year: let’s have a little Sino-festive spirit, guys. It’s not like I’m promoting Lang Lang’s latest recording.

The thing readers have asked is: What is that Chinese song “I want to marry a government official” that Lawrence Solomon referred to in the article I referred to yesterday?

I can’t find anything at all on it in English, but if you want to hear it in Chinese, here’s a link. The thing should start up automatically. You do not need to download anything. If that doesn’t work, cut’n’paste the song’s title into a Google search box. You’ll get a bunch of videos. (None of which is on YouTube, so far as I can fathom.) Here’s the title: 嫁人要嫁公务‘ Some of the videos are news stories about the song, not the song itself.

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