Re: Monday-Morning 2012 Buzz

by Robert Costa

Thanks for the update, Kathryn. To learn more about Huntsman, check out this lengthy Charlie Rose interview from December. In it, the former Utah governor explains why he took a post in Obama administration:

ROSE: You’re a man often mentioned as having a very bright political future. So President Obama comes to you and says: “I want you to be my ambassador to China.” Why? And why did you say yes?

HUNTSMAN: I like to think he did it because he cares about the relationship in the sense that bipartisan management matters. In 31 years of our diplomatic relationship, it hasn’t given away to political extremes. It’s been managed in a bipartisan fashion. And I accepted it because the President asked. If you can make a unique contribution, hardship though it might be, you stand up and serve.

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