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Permission to Come Aboard


Thanks to the generosity of Rich Lowry, the advocacy of Jack Fowler, and the sagacity of K-Lo, my colleague David Kahane and I will be taking a more active role in the life of the conservative mind that is National Review and NRO. Starting today, I’ll be contributing to the Corner on a daily basis and will write four pieces a year for the dead-tree edition, while Dave will contribute his peerless, if idiotic, insights into the workings of the liberal mind on a weekly basis right here at NRO.  I’ll try my best to control him and his Lefty SneerTM, but a humble Amanuensis can only do so much.

It’s both a pleasure and privilege to be able to join my esteemed colleagues and good friends here at NR, and I look forward to a lively and spirited discussion of the future of our nation as we head into the crucial election of 2012. Let the fun begin — because this time, it really is personal.


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