Hatch on Huntsman: ‘I Think He Will’

by Andrew Stiles

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R., Utah) spoke with National Review Online about the (presumed) 2012 presidential candidacy of former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.

Will Huntsman, who recently resigned his post as U.S. ambassador to China, run for president?

“I think he will, yes,” Hatch tells us. “He hasn’t spoken to me about it, but all the moves seem to be in that direction.”

What does he think of Huntsman as a candidate?

“I think he’d be excellent,” Hatch says. “He’s articulate, he’s photogenic, he’s smart, he was a good governor and served in one of the most important diplomatic posts on earth.”

What about Huntsman’s role in the Obama administration, should that count against him?

“I think that should be a plus for him,” Hatch says. “He was not a part of the administration in the political sense, he was a diplomat who was willing to serve whoever was president. I think that’s a plus not a minus.”

Is Huntsman conservative enough for the GOP?

“Most people would say he’s more moderate,” Hatch says. “But he’s a Republican through and through.”

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