Can We Stop the ‘Anti-Women’ Nonsense, Please?

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund is in full-on attack campaign mode (read their memo here), trying to convince Americans that the new House majority is determined to implement every dream of the most ardent pro-life activist. In reality, the House majority has altogether modest goals: to do what the Left claims we are already doing, keeping government funding from abortion. 

It should be noted, too, that leadership isn’t even trumpeting the “defund Planned Parenthood” cause. Mike Pence, Chris Smith, and a host of freshmen, among others, are. Albeit with no objections from what Congressman Smith — the conscience of the House on the dignity of human life — tells me is the most pro-life House leadership ever. 

Planned Parenthood and the New York Times and others want you to believe that means John Boehner is leading a crusade. Actually, he’s just working to fulfill simple agenda items that have been on the slate and out in the open for quite a while now

And just for watercooler discussion: As Planned Parenthood throws around the “anti-women” slur at House leadership, watch this video again. Note how routine and nonchalant the clinic worker treats a sex trafficker walking into her clinic. And then, of course, we can consider what happens inside a Planned Parenthood clinic (even without the aiding and abetting sex trafficking!). Consider the fallout — for women and men. And consider its indisputable eugenics history – a history contemporary elites are all too comfortable with (Ruth Bader Ginsburg flashback). 

With all the talk about a need for civility lately, here’s a great test case. Chill with the “anti-women” rhetoric. How about some common sense? There are a few simple issues on the table here. First, let’s do what we’ve heard all too often we already do but don’t: Make sure federal taxpayer money isn’t going toward abortions. And let’s have a calm discussion about why exactly Planned Parenthood, America’s preeminent abortion provider, should be getting aid from Congress. Planned Parenthood, profit-maker. Planned Parenthood, which can call upon any of its celebrity sponsors to help them make up the difference. Planned Parenthood, which we shouldn’t be leaving it to a brave 23-year-old to investigate

Maybe this isn’t a watercooler discussion, though. Maybe it is best to have over tea

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