More on the Neocons vs. Israel

by Jonah Goldberg

As I mentioned yesterday, one of the myths that has been (further) exploded is the idea that the so-called neocons are handmaidens to Israel. Via Politico, this is from Jeffrey Goldberg’s (no relation) interview with Elliott Abrams. Here’s Abrams on Israel’s shortsightedness:

The Israelis first of all do not believe in the universality of democracy.  They believe what many American “experts” did in, say, 1950–democracy was fine for us and Western Europe, but not for Latins (too much Catholic culture) and Asians (too much Confucianism).  They believe Arab culture does not permit democracy.

They see a danger in Mubarak’s fall, and they are right: we do not know who will take over now or in a year or two from now.  But this is at bottom a crazy reaction.  What they are afraid of is the Muslim Brotherhood, right?  Mubarak has ruled for THIRTY YEARS and leaves us a Brotherhood that is that powerful?  Isn’t that all the proof we need that dictatorship is not the way to fight the Brotherhood?  He crushed the moderate and centrist groups and left the Brothers with an open field.  He is to blame for the Brothers’ popularity and strength right now.  The sooner he goes the better.

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