Bipartisanship in Immigration . . .

by Mark Krikorian

. . . means a Republican and a Democrat getting together to support open borders. Case in point:

A characteristically feisty Newt Gingrich mixed it up – and traded some good-natured cracks – with Howard Dean about immigration policy and a host of other hot-button issues Tuesday night during a student-sponsored debate at George Washington University.

The all-but-declared Republican presidential candidate said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had devised the DREAM Act so it could never pass but that Democrats could score political points with Latino voters. The former chairman of the Democratic National Committee revved up – his face red, his finger wagging – as he talked about how every American who doesn’t have Native American blood comes from an immigrant family.

“I think Newt’s very common sense about this,” Dean said. “Obviously we can’t open our borders and let all kinds of people through, and he’s thought this through, and I agree with most of what he said, but I don’t believe we ought to demonize people who try and do the best they can.”

If the only thing they disagree about in immigration is the political gamesmanship behind the latest push for the DREAM Act — as opposed to the substance of the measure, or of any other immigration measure — then Newt’s prospects in Iowa and New Hampshire are likely to be dim. Maybe someone should ask him direct, concrete questions about immigration levels and mechanisms and see if we get anything more than his trademark high-falutin’ flapdoodle.

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