The Belgian Job

by Denis Boyles

According to the Telegraph, the EU spends more than $1.3 billion each year to keep the European Community complex in Brussels secure. Last Friday, a couple of armed bandits walked into the European Parliament building, robbed the post office, and walked out with a little more than $10,000. It was the third such heist in the last two years.

Timothy Kirkhope, a British Conservative MEP, surely spoke for every EU taxpayer when he said, “We have become increasingly concerned about people in the parliament just wandering around. We have no idea who they are and what they are here for.” But Newkirk was actually talking about armed robbers, not MEPs.

Meanwhile, another MEP, the estimable Daniel (“He speaks French and Spanish and loves Europe”) Hannan, takes to his own Telegraph blog, to put the robbery in a useful context.

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