Re: The Army & Fort Hood

by Michael Walsh

Kathryn: apropos of your correspondent — balderdash. It’s impossible to compare an act of war against the United States by a declared enemy with the conscience of a Catholic, who understands the difference between rendering unto Caesar and rendering unto a loving God.

When I was growing up in the fifties, my brother and sisters and I were taught, in order: 

  • We were Americans.
  • We were Catholics.
  • We were Marine Corps kids (and had to act accordingly among civilians).
  • We were Irish.

St. Thomas More rightly dissented from Henry VIII’s theological demands, and paid the price of his dissent with his life. What he did not do was produce a weapon and kill Henry, Thomas Cromwell, Richard Rich et al., while shouting the praises of the Pope in Rome or even of God Himself.

Big difference.

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