Planned Parenthood in D.C., Too

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Live Action audio from a visit to a Washington, D.C., clinic released today again speaks to the pattern that has been seen in multiple Planned Parenthood investigatory clinic visits: Planned Parenthood is all too willing to provide help to sex traffickers looking to keep their underage prostitutes working. This time, a madam is alone in making the queries about abortions and tests. The audio can be heard here

Today’s release is audio-only because of a video failure — which actually has its benefit: As Live Action is being dismissed as a cynical effort orchestrated by the same-old pro-life Republican men to put a pretty, millennial face on their same-old misogynistic efforts, Live Action’s audio-only release is a bit of a reminder that it’s a small grassroots movement. Only two full-time staff. Lots of volunteers. Lots of new media and older-school connection-making. 


Clicks to earlier videos: from the Bronx, Roanoake, Falls Church, and Charlottesville, Va., Richmond, and New Jersey.

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