Palin: Fine for GOProud to be at CPAC

by Katrina Trinko

Sarah Palin has no objection to GOProud’s presence at CPAC.

“I don’t have a problem with different, diverse groups that are involved in political discourse, and having a convention to talk about what the answers are to their problems that face America,” Palin told Fox News host Sean Hannity in an interview last night in response to a question about whether she, like some social conservatives, thought CPAC should be boycotted.

“There are so many life-changing, life-and-death issues out there in front of us,” she added, talking about unemployment and home foreclosures. “You know, we’d better be concentrating on what is really important here and not going kind of tit-for-tat as people are positioning themselves for 2012.”

Dismissing those “figuring out what group’s going to support whom and all that,” Palin stressed that, “we better be really buckled down and being very, very serious and finding solutions to the problems we’re facing.”

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