Romney Rails Against Obama’s ‘Hoovervilles’

by Robert Costa

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, a likely 2012 presidential contender, will appear at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington later today. Here’s a snippet from his prepared remarks:

“Fifteen million Americans are out of work. And millions and millions more can’t find the good paying jobs they long for and deserve. You’ve seen the heartbreaking photos and videos of the jobs fairs around the country, where thousands show up to stand in line all day just to have a chance to compete for a few job openings that probably aren’t as good as the job they held two years ago. These job fairs and unemployment lines are President Obama’s Hoovervilles. Make no mistake. This is a moral tragedy—a moral tragedy of epic proportion.  Unemployment is not just a statistic. Fifteen million unemployed is not just a number. Unemployment means kids can’t go to college; that marriages break up under the financial strain; that young people can’t find work and start their lives; and men and women in their 50s, in the prime of their lives, fear they will never find a job again. Liberals should be ashamed that they and their policies have failed these good and decent Americans!”

More here, via Mark Halperin.

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