Senate Democrats Resort to Scare Tactics on Spending Cuts

by Eric Cantor

Last night, House Republicans announced that we will cut at least $100 billion in spending in seven months, an unprecedented and historic effort to get our fiscal house in order and restore certainty to the economy. This is a just a start, we have much more work to do to really change our country’s fiscal path — and you will see that take shape in the budget that Chairman Paul Ryan is putting together.

Unfortunately, not everyone is serious about getting our fiscal house in order. Immediately after we announced our spending-package agreement, Senators Reid and Schumer began a fear campaign, pushing panicked messages that this Continuing Resolution will result in a government shutdown and accused Republicans of not being serious.

Their statements (below) are akin to shouting fire in a crowded theater and only serve as a distraction from the fact that Democrats aren’t willing to work with us to cut spending and create jobs.

— Sen. Chuck Schumer, who is chairman of the Senate Democratic Policy and Communications Center, said: “They are blindly swinging a meat axe to the budget when they should be using a scalpel. Some of these House Republicans won’t be satisfied with anything less than a shutdown of the government.”

Senator Schumer also said: “The infighting amongst Republicans is causing gridlock that could risk a government shutdown.” 

— Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said: “After all, you can lose a lot of weight by cutting off your arms and legs. But no doctor would recommend it.”

If we want to get our economy growing again so that Americans can get back to work, it’s time for both political parties to stop the scare tactics and get serious. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the leadership in the Senate is there yet.

Rep. Eric Cantor is the House majority leader.

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