Barbour ‘Very Serious’ about ‘12 Run

by Robert Costa

Gov. Haley Barbour (R., Miss.) told Fox News Sunday this morning that he is “very serious” about a potential presidential bid. “The country is in such straits,” he said in an interview with Chris Wallace. “We need to have a huge change.”

Barbour, a longtime Washington power broker, also defended his lobbyist past. “I am a lobbyist, a politician, and a lawyer,” he chuckled. “That’s the trifecta.”

Should he run, Barbour promised to openly discuss his former clients. “I am willing to have my record in front of everybody,” he said. His contacts and Beltway savvy, he added, would be an asset in the White House. Lobbying Capitol Hill, he noted, is “what presidents do for a living.”

The Mississippi governor shrugged off his dismal showing in the Conservative Political Action Conference’s straw poll, where he snagged one percent of the vote. “The straw poll was taken before I spoke,” Barbour reasoned. “That’s fine. They’ve got to have rules.”

Barbour will decide on a run by April.

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