Boehner Calls on Obama to Have ‘Adult Conversation’ about Wisconsin

by Katrina Trinko

House Speaker John Boehner has announced his support for embattled Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, saying in a statement that Walker is among those “daring to speak the truth about the dire fiscal challenges Americans face at all levels of government, and daring to commit themselves to solutions that will liberate our economy and help put our citizens on a path to prosperity.”

But Boehner had harsh words for the president. “I’m disappointed that instead of providing similar leadership from the White House, the president has chosen to attack leaders such as Gov. Walker,” said Boehner, citing news reports that the White House had authorized the Democratic National Committee “to spread disinformation and confusion in Wisconsin regarding the governor’s courageous actions.”

“This is not the way you begin an ‘adult conversation’ in America about solutions to the fiscal challenges that are destroying jobs in our country,” Boehner said.

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