Indiana Dems Flee State

by Katrina Trinko

Thirty-eight of the 40 Indiana Democrat assembly members have fled the state in order to prevent right-to-work legislation from being passed.

“Republicans have decided to bring their Wisconsin assault to Indiana, and we’re not going to just sit around and take it,” Indiana Democratic chairman Dan Parker told Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent.

Parker also said that the Democrats would remain out of state “until these bills are removed from the agenda.”

House speaker Brian Bosma told the Indianapolis Star that he was “flummoxed” by the Democrats’ action and said Democrat minority leader B. Patrick Bauer “has taken a page out of the Wisconsin Senate playbook apparently.”

Talking about Gov. Mitch Daniels’ reaction, Bosma said, “He was not pleased that the Democrats weren’t here to do their work. And like me is just waiting to see how the course of the day proceeds.”

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