Ind. House Speaker Talks Daniels, Missing Democrats

by Katrina Trinko

Indiana House speaker Brian Bosma is furious at the Democratic assembly members who left the state today to halt right-to-work legislation.

“They’re running from their responsibility [to their office]. A democratic process requires people to be present, to debate openly, to cast their vote in accordance with their conscience. We’ve given them every opportunity in the most bipartisan session in our state’s history to do just that,” Bosma tells National Review Online.

Is he disappointed in Gov. Mitch Daniels, who announced today that he would not push for right-to-work legislation?

“No, not all,” he responds.

If the Democrats do not return by midnight, the legislation will be in major jeopardy. “The right-to-work committee report does have to be adopted this evening to be eligible for action in this portion of the general assembly session,” Bosma says. “Their staying out for several days here does have the potential to kill the issue for the session under our rules.”

But Bosma still hopes that a way can be found to pass the legislation.  “There are some extraordinary measures that can be accessed to try to resurrect something like this. They’ve [the Democrats] made it pretty clear how they’ll react to those extraordinary measures, so we’ll just have to see how the rest of the session proceeds.”

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