Christie v. Malloy

by Brian Bolduc

Fifty-eight percent of Connecticut’s residents have considered leaving the state because of high taxes, according to a new poll by the Yankee Institute, a free-market think tank based in Hartford. Democratic governor Dan Malloy has proposed over $1 billion in tax increases to help close a $3 billion budget deficit. Although most poll respondents say a mixture of spending cuts and tax increases is the right answer to the state’s fiscal woes, 71 percent support concessions from state employees, while a majority opposes the hikes suggested for the income tax, sales tax, and gas tax.

The tax-raising Malloy has tried to position himself as an anti-Chris Christie figure of sorts. Last month, he criticized Christie’s tough talk: “Hopefully I take a slightly more intellectual approach to this discussion than Governor Christie has demonstrated.”

On Morning Joe yesterday, Christie warned Malloy about his proposed tax increases: “I’ll be waiting at the border to take Connecticut’s jobs when he does it. You know, he’s still got to read the governor’s owner’s manual first before he starts lecturing people. What’s he been there — about a month?”

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