Are You Kidding Me?

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

This appears in the New York Daily News this morning: 

“This is an atrocity,” said Darcey Merritt, 42, who is African-American and a professor of social work at New York University.

“If a little person of color walks buy and sees this, what message does that give about his or her mother, about other black people and their worth?” Merritt said. “This is dangerous.”

He is talking about an ad that highlights the shockingly high rates of black abortions. Which is now being taken down, to the delight of familiar voices.

Silence will not make the reality of the situation go away. Talking about it is not dangerous. Silence is.

An atrocity is not this ad. An atrocity is a 41-percent abortion rate — and higher among blacks — in New York City. 

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