America’s Governor

by John Derbyshire


Christie plans to put Newark’s failing schools — which the state controls directly — in the vanguard of his vision of reform. Though Christie was born in Newark, his parents borrowed money to move to Livingston when he was five, so that their son would have a chance to attend good public schools. Had he remained in Newark schools, Christie says, he is sure he would not have become governor.

Chris Christie turned five in September 1967, two months after the Newark race riots. So a fair translation of the above would be: “White flight saved my life!” Of course Christie cannot say that. In all probability he cannot even think it.

A no-nonsense northeast Republican brim-full of pugnacious charm, ex–U.S. attorney, smart and energetic, willing to kick serious butt in a lot of areas that need it, yet in many ways mentally trapped in the region’s dominant liberal mindset … Why am I having flash-backs to an old love affair here?

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