Steve Penley, Patriot

by Brian Bolduc

Today I talk with painter Steve Penley. He’s a rare breed among artists: He enjoys painting historical figures such as the Founding Fathers and Ronald Reagan. He’s also unabashed about his patriotism. On the homepage, you can see some of his work. Here’s one of his pieces to give you a taste.

And here’s the lede:

Hanging in Andrew Breitbart’s living room is an eight-foot-tall portrait of Abraham Lincoln. The president’s visage — an expressionistic swirl of broad brushstrokes and bright colors — earns the admiration of everyone who sees it, Breitbart notes on the back cover of Ronald Reagan and the American Ideal, a book of paintings by the portrait’s artist, Steve Penley. Yet the muckraker saves his highest compliment for the painter himself. “Penley is one of those patriots who is heeding his country’s call,” Breitbart writes — the call to defend American exceptionalism.

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