It’s an Honor Not to Be Nominated

by David Kahane

Well, at least I have something in common with Anne Hathaway: I’m not nominated this year, either. But just to show you I’m not a sore loser, I’ll be sharing my dog-in-the-manger thoughts with you this evening. 

  • Liked the opening homage to the Ten Best Pictures a lot. We are so clever in Hollywood, especially when we can sample other guys’ movies. I might have even watched The Kids Are All Right and Toy Story 3 if Anne had been in either one.
  • Inception wins for cinematography. A harbinger or an outlier? Personally, I’m with Alec Baldwin: I couldn’t follow it either, but I realize that Chris Nolan is way smarter than I am, so maybe I’d better watch it again. Especially if there’s something in there I can steal later. 
  • Kirk Douglas — now there’s a movie star. I am Spartacus! There were movie stars in them days.
  • Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo.  Great choice: the spitting sight and sound of half my Boston relatives. And up against some pretty stiff competition, including Amy Adams and little Hailee Steinfeld — who should have been up for Best Actress. I mean, there’s no True Grit without the main character, right?
  • Whoops! They bleeped Melissa. It’s the young and hip Oscars!

I don’t do cartoons, so back in a bit. My seat will be taken by a warmer while I’m out on Hollywood Boulevard, having a smoke or whatever.

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