It’s an Honor Not To Be Nominated, Too

by David Kahane

Okay, I’m back.  Had to return for the Screenplay awards, both of which I’m planning to win in the next couple of years.

  • Love the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Wish I lived there, but I’m not all that far away, and a hack screenwriter can dream, can’t he?
  • Rooting for True Grit across the board — best picture and everything.  Let’s see:
  • Whoops! Wrong again, Kahane. Social Network wins Best Adapted. Aaron Sorkin wins. I hate him. Aaron, let’s have lunch. I’m on Facebook.
  • Okay, Original up next — my pick: The King’s Speech, but it’s up against hot lesbians.
  • Got one right — great to see David Seidler, who looks like he might have worked on Gone With the Wind. There’s hope for codgers all over town now. 
  • Yeah, right. Good thing I’m still under, you know, whatever.
  • “Just got a text message from Charlie Sheen” — line of the night so far. Jimmy Franco was never lovelier.
  • Best Foreign Language Film. In a Better World. Does anybody ever see any of these movies from countries no one’s ever heard of? I mean, where the heck is Denmark, anyway?
  • Best Supporting Actor — it’s Boston’s night, so it’s gotta be Christian Bale or Jeremy Renner, no? Or are the Brits and the colonials going to clean our clocks?
  • Told ya — Bale, the pride of Lowell, sort of. First Batman, now Dicky!

Music awards coming up. Am thinking about winning one of those as well. 

Ducking out onto Highland for a bit. Back in a few. Got a treatment to write while it’s still in my head.

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