It’s Still an Honor Not to be Nominated

by David Kahane

Okay, another potential Oscar-winning treatment punched into my BlackBerry. We now return to our regularly scheduled preening, already in progress.

  • Best Original Score: Social Network wins again. If I’m the Coen Bros., I’m getting a little nervous. Do they have true grit? Which, by the way, had a great score by Carter Burwell, who never gets any recognition. It’s okay, Carter, you can work with me.
  • Inception wins for Sound Mixing. Well, it was noisy.
  • Sound Editing. Never have been quite sure what this one is for. Inception wins again. Probably should watch it again. Would rather watch Scarlett.
  • Everybody loves Chris Nolan. I love Chris Nolan. Chris, call me when you need punch-up.
  • Makeup? Writers don’t need no stinkin’ makeup! Rick Baker wins again for The Wolfman. Rick Baker always wins for The Wolfman.
  • Costumes, ditto. I wear the same thing to every meeting. Literally. Alice in Wonderland beats True Grit. The fix is definitely in.
  • Was that President Obama plugging the amanuensis’s novel, As Time Goes By? I do believe it was. Thanks, Mr. President, even if you were talking about the song.

Shorts? Shorts? Don’t even wear ‘em. Back in a few.

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