Friendly Fire

by Mark Krikorian

I wrote last week about Georgia’s new governor, Nathan Deal, who was an immigration hawk in Congress and on the campaign trail, seeming to go wobbly once in office. But I missed Deal’s spokesman calling immigration hawks Nazis:

“…The governor is going to take a tough stand” against illegal immigration, Robinson said. “We understand that some folks are not going to be happy unless he is in jackboots kicking in doors. We don’t think that is the proper role for him to play in this.”

Mandatory use of E-Verify is the same as “jackboots” and “kicking in doors”? I’d expect that from the editorial pages of the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal, which are like two peas in a pod regarding immigration, but not from Governor Deal’s Office.

The good news is that the immigration-control legislation in question was approved in committee this morning by voice vote, so Deal may soon be forced to choose between the “jackboot” crowd he once claimed to be a member of and the cheap-labor employers who want to preserve their access to illegal workers.

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