Re ‘Brave Ladies (Uncommonly Brave)’

by Jay Nordlinger

I was just thinking about one of the slogans hurled at the Ladies in White: “This street belongs to Fidel!” Think about the mindset that would produce such a slogan. In his 50-plus years as absolute dictator, Castro has been able to convince some Cubans — a minority, to be sure, but some Cubans — that the country belongs to him. To him as absolute ruler. A democratic mindset, by contrast, says that a country belongs to all of its people.

The sympathy that the Castro dictatorship receives from people in democratic countries — especially from intellectuals and artists — is one of the most nauseating subjects I know. In a 2001 interview, I asked Jeane Kirkpatrick why Americans and other free people ignore the heroics of Cuba’s dissidents. She called it “both a puzzling and a profoundly painful phenomenon of our times.”

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