Derb at the Opera

by Jay Nordlinger

So, I’m at the Metropolitan Opera the other night, covering Armida. (There are a million Armide. This was Rossini’s.) John Derbyshire was with me. As we were making our way back down the aisle after the second intermission, this young woman was kind of blocking us. I mean, she wasn’t making the proper downward progress. She kept kind of turning around.

An additional detail or two: I would say she was about 23, and of South Asian origin.

Finally, sort of brushing past me, coming back up the aisle, she said, “Are you John Derbyshire?” He said, “Yes.” She beamed and, almost giggling, said, “I love your column.” They chatted for a few seconds. Then John, gesturing toward me, said, “And this is Jay Nordlinger, of National Review.” She looked at me kind of blankly. Then, going to her seat, she looked back and beamed again at John.

Just a typical night on the town with a literary celebrity . . .

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