Re: Dramatizing Walker’s Point

by Jonah Goldberg

Christian — I’m with you on your larger point. But just for the record, the correct answer to the question, “What kind of governor would refuse to meet with nurses, teachers, and firefighters, but takes a 20-minute call from an oil billionaire?” is “every kind.”

There’s no Democratic governor in the country who wouldn’t take 20 minutes to take a call from George Soros. Admittedly, he’s not an “oil billionaire,” but he is a billionaire sympathetic to liberal causes. Heck, he’s a billionaire and that’s all that really matters. Politicians take calls from billionaires. It’s just something they do, just as bears tend to relieve themselves in the woods.

The only way we can live in a society where politicians don’t take calls from billionaires is to live in a society where we either don’t have billionaires or don’t have politicians or both. Anyone who denies this is either an idiot or a liar.

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