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Steyn on Dave


Is that the intrepid Mr. Steyn I see on the Corner? Welcome back, Mark. To return to your example of Dave, that movie is as much an indictment of our modern politics as it is of moviemaking (about which I know approximately nothing). Too many times in my service in government did I hear the call to harms (not a typo) “We have to do something.” No matter what that something is, we have to be seen to be engaged on the problem of the day. But as we’ve learned from stimulus overspending and reactionary regulations, often “doing something” only exacerbates the problem. Dave merely documents that fairy tale world, where a fake president can push a “jobs bill” and everyone will magically be employed. It really isn’t far off from how many in Washington think. If we “do something,” then the world will magically be transformed. So why can’t shallow Hollywood be a reflection of shallow D.C.?


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