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On Michelle’s Jetting, Etc.


In Impromptus today, I talk a little about presidents’ vacations — and first ladies’ vacations. Poor Bill Clinton: When he was running for reelection, he was forced to vacation in Wyoming. Before that, it had been the Vineyard. After that, it would be the Vineyard again. Oh, what people have to put up with for the sake of politics!

After writing my column, I had a memory of Dick Cheney. He arrives in Davos, that perfect specimen of Alpine splendor. And he says, “Almost as nice as my valley in Wyoming.” He goes there even when he’s not running. Strange people, Republicans.

Remember this: If you’re a liberal Democratic first lady, you can go to Vail, the Vineyard, the Costa del Sol. If you’re a Republican first lady — a ranch in sweltering Texas is for you, bucko. (I realize a first lady is not really a “bucko.”) (I also realize that Kennebunkport is pretty nice in the summer.) (No, I will not talk about cloth coats.)