Chivalry on the Mat

by Mark Krikorian

Mona’s column praising a high-school boy who forfeited a match rather than wrestle a girl really resonated with me. My ten-year-old just finished his first season wrestling (10 wins, 11 losses), and there are a few girls at the tournaments. At that age it doesn’t matter that much, because before puberty there’s no issue of where to grab or not to grab, and while girls may be icky, sex is just not an issue. My son hasn’t been paired with a girl, but in another couple of years, it will indeed start to matter and if my son keeps wrestling, I would advise him to emulate the young man Mona profiles. It’s a no-win situation for a boy — if he wins, he’s beaten up on a girl; if he loses, he’s been bested by a girl in a feat of strength. So the boy is humiliated either way. If girls, especially after puberty, want to wrestle, they should wrestle each other.

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